Customs Law

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  • A fine or an investigation has been initiated against you because the customs have found a greater sum of cash, valuables or prohibited goods after you have entered the European Union?
  • You are an importer, exporter, freight forwarder, freight carrier or any other customs beneficiary and Customs Office indicted you for wrong information or negligence on the part of another transport participant or you are subject to post-clearance surveys?
  • As a recipient of importware, you are liable for payment of excessive or unexpected import duties such as Anti-dumping duty?
  • Do you have questions regarding value-added tax regulations or want to register a product as a „good temporarily leaving the customs territory of the Union“?
  • Your company is subject of a customs house examination or an external audit?
  • A customs issue or a breach of the provisions of foreign trade law, e.g. an EU embargo regulation leads to criminal investigations against your company and the responsible persons?

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