Lawyer Hartmann

Rechtsanwalt Ulrich Hartmann

From Seniorpartner to personal adviser

Banking, corporate, real estate, private construction law

Attorney Ulrich Hartmann

I provide you with competent legal advice concerning the purchase and sale of real estate as well as in the case of real estate investments. I am especially committed to precisely align complex contracts under real estate law to my clients‘ interests and to explain the peculiarities of individual clauses to my clients. This applies also to commercial rental agreements of all kinds. In addition, I am engaged particularly in banking law and capital investment law. Injured investors get efficient assistance from me: I will prosecute claims for damages resulting from lacking or inadequate investment advice on your behalf.

Another focus of my work is company law. You want to buy or sell any company shares? You are about to establish a company? Or are there any disputes with other shareholders? I will inform you on your legal position, on the legal aspects to be considered and on how your interests can be safeguarded best. Furthermore, I will give advice to you in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions.

You can be sure that I will fully identify with you and your requirements and interests. If you engage my services, you can expect me to be honest and reliable. This applies in particular to a sincere assessment of your case’s prospects of success. But for me, honesty also means that in the case of certain fields of law which I have not dealt with in recent years and with regard to which I am convinced that an expert will be able to help you even more, I will recommend you to get in touch with a colleague specializing in this field. To this end, we cooperate with appropriate law offices.


  • Academic studies of law at Goethe University Frankfurt/Main
  • Legal clerkship jurisdiction of appelate court Frankfurt am Main and Madrid
  • registered as lawyer since 1989
  • senior partner with “Göhmann Rechtsanwälte” – formerly “Kappus & Hartmann”-, e.g. as a consultant and counsel for a large German bank.
  • RSB Lawyers since 2011